Green County Leaders Accepting Applications

Green County Leaders is an educational program where individuals practice leadership skills, deepen their understanding of community issues and prepare for leadership roles, thereby creating a network of active and visionary individuals who leverage their experience and expertise to benefit their community and local community-based organizations.

The program begins with an orientation at the end of August and continues one day per month, September through May. Program days are dedicated to both personal leadership development and community orientation, led by a variety of trainers, facilitators, and community leaders. Additionally, there are activities required outside of program days that provide outlets to use and refine skills, concepts, and tools introduced in sessions, and readings which are integral program components.

Through interactive community orientation, personal leadership development training, outside activities, and a hands-on team project, GCL provides participants with in increased capacity to contribute as effective leaders and a great knowledge of the area in which they live and/or work.

To Apply:

The application period for the 2019-2020  GCL class is now open. Applications for the 2019-2020 class are available and must be submitted by July 26, 2019.  Questions regarding the applications can be directed to Victoria Solomon at 608-328-9440 or

We are seeking individuals who are:

  • Passionate about strengthening community and civic awareness, commitment and involvement.
  • Interested in their community and committed to making a difference.
  • Open-minded and willing to take risks.
  • Motivated and interested in new learning, self-discovery, community exposure, and networking.
  • Interested in opportunities for advancement into leadership positions within their own organization, which may in turn play a significant role in the community.
  • Individuals with a commitment to live and/or work in Green County.

If this sounds like you, please consider applying!

GCL 2019-2020 Application
GCL 2019-2020 Application
GCL 2019-2020 Application -FILLABLE Form  

If you have any questions, please contact Victoria Solomon, at 608-328-9440 or .