Southwest Wisconsin Grazing Network – Pasture Walks

Several Pasture Walks are planned for the 2019 season in the surrounding counties. Pasture walks are done to educate farmers and consumers for the advancement of managed grass-based agriculture to benefit present and future generations.  The next pasture walks coming up include:

  • July 16th, 1:00pm:  Steve & Lynda Holland, 10740 State Hwy 11, Gratiot, WI  — This pasture walk will focus on the value of shade on pasture, pasture recovery from shade use last year, seeding mixes and observations in the 2nd season of use.
  • July 23rd,  6:30pm:  April Prusia, W8707 Sawmill Rd, Blanchardville, WI   — This pasture walk will look at challenges to managing pig to prevent rooting behavior, controlling parasites and pasture impact.
  • August 6th, 1:00pm:  Mike & Matt Mueller, 748 Enloe Rd, Rewey, WI — Discussions will focus on whether grazing offers a better return than corn on high quality land and share ideas on how we are dealing with spring mud.
  • August 22nd 1:00pm:  Don & Samantha Frei, N3808 Duncan Hill Rd, Argyle, WI  —  This walk will focus on pasture renovation ideas, summer annuals and seeding mixes other grazers use as well as collecting ideas on how to best walk cattle with a lane system to the neighboring farm they have          recently purchased.
  • September 3rd, 1:00pm:  Grass Dairy, Scott Mericka, 5023 WI-23, Dodgeville, WI  —  Rather than increase milk cow numbers, the goal is harvest a little more grass hay in the spring flush, increase rest periods if needed and then graze later into winter before grazing a seeded winter crop to reduce stored feed needs. Can we turn this into dairy quality pasture?

For complete details on the pasture walks, print the 2019 Southwest Wisconsin Pasture Walk Schedule or contact Gene Schriefer, Extension-Iowa County, at 608-930-9850 or .