Green County Fair Livestock Auctions

Livestock Auctions

Livestock Auction Buyer Graphic Cropped webThe Green County Meat Animal Auction Committee in coordination with Green County UW-Extension will host the Meat Animal Auctions on Saturday, July 18th, 2020.  The 36th  4-H & FFA Annual Fur & Feather Auction will begin at 10:00 AM. The 46th Annual 4-H & FFA Large Animal Auction will be held starting at 12:30pm. Both auctions will be in the Stock Pavilion at the Green County Fairgrounds, 2600-10th Street, Monroe, WI.  Participating in the Auctions is a privilege obtained by following the guidelines and rules specific to the species being auctioned.

Below are the preliminary auction listings by species.  Please note, these are subject to change before the final auction. Updates will be made as the shows are completed.


Auction Order for Fur & Feather Auction:


FUR & FEATHER 2020 Auction – TBD

Auction Order for the large animal auction:

SWINE 2020 -Meat Animal Auction- TBD

LAMB and GOAT 2020 – Meat Animal Auction -TBD

BEEF 2020 – Meat Animal Auction-TBD