Respond to the 2020 US Census

So far only 73% of people have responded to the 2020 census in Green County. The census has a big impact on resources for education, roads, infrastructure, and more. For this reason, from August 24th through August 29th we are working to bring attention to the census and encourage people to respond to the 2020 census if they have not done so already. Please help in encouraging people to participate.
Here are some ways you can help:
  • If you have not yet taken the census, please do so. You can do that at
  • Please encourage your networks to respond to the census. Below, please find suggested Facebook posts, fliers, and website banners.


Facebook Post in English
Only 73% of people have responded to the census in Green County. If you haven’t responded, do it today by going to! It is very important that everyone complete the census. The responses will be reflected in resources for education, roads, infrastructure, and towns.

Facebook Post in Spanish
Solo el 73% de las personas ha respondido el censo en Green County.
Así que si no los has llenado, hazlo hoy mismo. Es muy importante para todos que llenemos el censo.  Las respuestas se verán reflejadas en la educación, mejoras en las carreteras y en la infraestructura de los pueblos.


Half page in English 

Half page in Spanish


Banners are available on this website.

Interested in seeing the data on the census response rates?

Response rates can be tracked:

  • National response rate information can be found here.

  • County response rate information here.