Wisconsin Broadband Summit (Virtual)

Tuesday, November 16, 2021
9:00 AM – 12:00 PM (CST)

Access to broadband is critical for Wisconsin communities in the 21st century – connected to better business performance, entrepreneurship, higher home values, better educational outcomes, improved health outcomes, and higher worker productivity. Despite these benefits, access to high-quality broadband is limited in many communities throughout Wisconsin.
The Wisconsin Broadband Summit is organized to help Wisconsin communities enhance broadband access by:
  • understanding the importance of broadband to economic development,
  • exploring models for active networking and leadership development,
  • accessing and applying mapping, data, and survey research techniques, and
  • learning about available funding options.

Agenda at a Glance  

    • 9:05 AM — Enhancing Broadband Access in Wisconsin
    • 9:20 AM — Broadband and the Wisconsin Economy
    • 9:40 AM — Digital Equity and Inclusion
    • 9:55 AM — Active Networking and Leadership
    • 10:30 AM — Mapping, Data, and Surveying
    • 11:05 AM — Funding Broadband Access

To register, visit the Wisconsin Broadband Summit webpage:

Wisconsin Broadband Summit

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