Badger Dairy Insights

With the success of last year’s Badger Dairy Insight, and reaching over 1,000 individuals, my fellow dairy colleagues and I are excited to announce 2021-2022 series.  This year’s Badger Dairy Insight will begin on January 11th and run biweekly from January thru March on Tuesday afternoons from 1:00-2:30pm CST.

The goal of Badger Dairy Insight is to bring unbiased, university-based research, resources, and specialists to you, to assist you in improving productivity, profitability, and vitality through dairy nutrition, data, heifer replacement, and reproductive management, while maintaining animal well-being.  Our topics include:

  • January 11-Animal Care Starts with the Calf featuring Jennifer Van Os and Sylvia Kehoe
  • January 25-Diving into Dairy Data Projects with Victor Cabrera
  • February 8-Silage Quality—From Pricing to Feeding Behavior featuring Luiz Ferraretto, UW-Madison Asst Professor and Extension Specialist-Ruminant Nutrition; and Matt Lippert, Extension Clark and Wood Counties Agriculture Educator.
    Forage quality goes beyond intake and production, and also modulates feeding behavior patterns. The rest of the presentation will share recent research updates on this topic and connect forage, feedbunk management and animal response.
  • February 22-No webinar.  Please attend the WI Dairy & Beef Well-Being Conference at the Farm WI Discovery Center in Manitowoc, WI
  • March 1-Ins and Outs of Cocktail Forage Mixes for Dairy Rations with Luiz Ferraretto and Matt Akins
    Cocktail forage mixes have been increasingly used in dairy cattle rations, however little field or feeding research is available for these mixes. These mixes can often either be a boom or a bust depending on growing conditions and management. This talk will discuss how these mixes may fit into a forage rotation, useful tips for management, and recent field, feeding, and fermentation research being done in Wisconsin. Presenters for this session are: Luiz Ferraretto, Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist-Ruminant Nutrition, and Matt Akins, Assistant Scientist and Dairy Extension Specialist.
  • March 15-Managing Heifer Maturity Pre-& Post-Breeding Matters featuring Matt Akins, Tina Kohlman, and Paul Fricke along with graduate student Megan Lauber — Although the dairy heifer’s age at breeding and calving are vitally important factors, the driver behind earlier calving is getting the animal to a breeding size that is 55% and calving size at 95% of the dairy herd’s mature body weight. Learn the impact of a heifer’s maturity at time of breeding and calving on her first-lactation performance and how to properly maintain the correct rate of gain in bred heifers. Presenters for this session include: Matt
    Akins, Assistant Scientist and Dairy Extension Specialist, Megan Lauber, UW-Madison Animal & Dairy Science Graduate Research Assistant, and Tina Kohlman, Extension Fond du Lac County Dairy & Livestock Agent.
  • March 29-The Randomness of Repro with Paul Fricke  —  Like a flip of the coin, reproductive outcomes are measured as a yes or no (binomial) outcome. Learn more about interpreting reproductive records, and the pitfalls of making decisions based only on one good or bad herd check. Presenter for this session is: Paul Fricke, Professor & Extension Specialist-Dairy Cattle Reproduction. Register at:  Badger Dairy Insight

For more information regarding each webinar or to register please visit:

If you have any questions, please contact me.  We look forward to “seeing” you on our webinar series! Thanks!

Join the University of Wisconsin-Madison – Division of Extension’s Dairy Program on Tuesdays from 1 to 2:30 pm CST for the Badger Dairy Insight webinar series. These are no-cost webinars; however, participants must register before the program at . We are featuring your local Extension Dairy Program Educators and UW Specialists as they present on current dairy topics. Take the opportunity to learn from and discuss with experts on the dates below. We hope to see you at one of our February programs!

Badger Dairy Insight webinars are a part of the Extension’s Agricultural Institute Farm Ready Research winter programming for farmers and ag professionals. Join these educational webinars to learn up-to-date information on topics from dairy and livestock production to farm management resources.