Carter and Olson Receive Friend of Extension Awards

Arthur Carter, from Monroe, WI, and Oscar Olson, from Browntown, WI both Green County Board members, were presented with a 2022 Friend of Extension Award on Tuesday, March 8th at the Green County Board Meeting. This award was started in 1990 by the Green County University of Wisconsin-Extension office to recognize individuals that have provided outstanding support towards conducting UW-Extension educational programs in the county.  The awards were presented to both gentlemen by the Extension Green County Team.

Olson was a member of the Green County Board of Supervisors for 22 years and served on the Ag and Extension Committee for his entire term. “I would like to believe it’s because he enjoyed our staff so much, which is probably part of it, but truly I believe his passion for Agriculture and “learning outside the classroom” as we say with the Wisconsin Idea, were his biggest draw”, said Jayne Butts, Extension Green County Office Manager.  Olson seldom missed a meeting in that 22 years and has served as Vice-Chair of the committee for his career as well.  Butts continued with “we will miss you and congratulate you on your retirement and don’t forget you can return to “volunteer” anytime!”.

Carter was a member of the Green County Board of Supervisors for 45 plus years and served on the Ag and Extension Committee for the last 16 years. As a member of the Ag and Extension Committee, Carter portrayed tremendous dedication to the Ag Industry. He also carried the passion of the Wisconsin Idea to “learn outside the classroom.”  Carter has the ability to rationalize situations when they don’t seem exactly right and a unique way to explain the most complicated issues for a better understanding of an issue.  Butts gave a little history on Carter saying “my mom went to high school with Art… a few years ago… and she always used to tell me, “He’s one of the good ones”.  The Extension Green County office congratulates Art on his retirement and advised him to keep being “one of the good ones”.

Before retiring from the Green County Board, both gentlemen provided support for Extension Green County in educational and research programs including Community Resource Development, Nutrition, 4-H Youth Development, Health & Well-Being, and Agriculture & Natural Resources. Both Carter and Olson recognized the importance of quality education, and the impact it can make in the lives of individuals and communities.  Building and maintaining a strong UW-Extension office in Green County was an important part of their leadership skills for the County. Their support of UW-Extension in Green County has allowed the local Extension office to remain responsive to the current and emerging community needs in Green County.