GCL 2020-2021: A Year of Adaptability

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Session 1: Leadership in Supporting Community
12:00pm — 1:30pm Wednesday, September 9, 2020
Session 2: Leadership & Local Government
12:00pm — 1:30pm Wednesday, October 14, 2020 
Session 3: Leadership & COVID-19
12:00pm — 1:30pm Wednesday, November 11, 2020 
Session 4: Health & Wellness
12:00pm — 1:30pm Wednesday, December 9, 2020 
Session 5: Leadership, Community Nonprofits, and Community Involvement
12:00pm — 1:30pm Wednesday, January 13, 2021 
Session 6: Resiliency & Adaptability
12:00pm — 1:30pm Wednesday, February 10, 2021
Session 7: Stewardship & Sustainability
12:00pm — 1:30pm Wednesday, March 10, 2021

***Topics for the April and May 2021 sessions will be announced in March 2021.
Dates are listed below so you can mark your calendars now!

Session 8: Session Topic to be Announced March 2021
12:00pm — 1:30pm Wednesday, April 14, 2021
Session 9: Session Topic to be Announced March 2021
12:00pm — 1:30pm Wednesday, May 12, 2021


About the 2020 – 2021 Green County Leaders Year of Adaptability

There is no financial cost to join any session for the 2020-2021 year. The 2020-2021 Green County Leaders Year of Adaptability is a light version of the program. It is open to anyone who lives or works in Green County. It is not the full experience — it is our version of keeping people together with timely and thought-provoking topics. If you enjoy some or all of these sessions, we encourage you to apply for the 2021-2022 class.

Join Us! Here’s How to Register

  • Participants must register prior to the session. You can register for one or more sessions. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.
  • Participants can join by calling in, accessing Zoom on their phone with or without a camera/video, using a computer without a camera, and/or using a computer with a camera.
  • Even if you cannot join that session, if you are interested in the topic you can sign up for the topic. You will get a follow-up email when the session is posted online. Sessions will be posted a week after the session.

Green County Leaders provides equal opportunity in education and programming.

Session 1: Leadership in Supporting Community (September 9)


  • Explore circles of influence and what that means when it comes to leading and serving.

  • Learn how individuals can help support individuals, organizations, and businesses during this difficult time.

Information for Participants & Participant Expectations

  • This will be an engaging, civil session.

  • This session will be recorded and posted on this website a week after the session takes place.

Prepare Ahead (Estimated 10-15 Minutes)

  • Prepare for the session on Circle of Influence

    • Watch this 6 minute video on Steven Covey sharing about “Circle of Influence — Circle of Concern.” Note — we do realize the video is a bit dated. We are sharing this because he effectively presents the core ideas in a very succinct manner.

    • Take just a couple minutes, reflect, and jot down some notes. Choose any of the questions below to reflect on:

      • Identify some things directly within your Circle of Influence.

      • Looking at what you identified within your Circle of Influence, which of these contributes to strengthen or building meaningful relationships in your personal and professional networks?

      • Identify an opportunity or initiative that you are hopeful about as a leader. What are things within your Circle of Influence that contribute to your hope being realized?

  • Identify a quick resource that you have found useful and/or have heard has been useful — for example, a park, trail, website, app, etc. Examples: Libby app for downloading library books; Calm app for meditation; bike trail map to bike in Green county.

Session 1 Agenda — September 9, 2020 GCL session 1 agenda 

Recording of the Session 

Couldn’t join the session, but interested in learning more? Check out the Session 1 Leadership in Supporting Community recording.  Please note the breakout sessions were not recorded.

Documents & Resources  
During the session a number of documents were used or referenced: they are linked below.

Select Session Notes
Ways to support community and get involved include:

  • We need to support small businesses.
    • Before buying elsewhere, ask your local businesses if they can help. Even if you know something isn’t currently available locally, ask someone who might have a similar business whether or not they can find something for you and order it in.
    • Pay in cash if you are comfortable with that and if it is accepted in the local store. This can help reduce costs to the merchant.
    • Support cooperative and collaborative advertising if you yourself own a business — share costs of advertising.
    • If you’re not in a business yourself, support the small and local businesses by sharing their Facebook posts or forwarding their email newsletters.
    • Let people know about the Small Business Development Center. Kristi Smith can help people at every stage of business.
  • We need to be patient and compassionate with our neighbors during this difficult time. 

Impact of this Session
71% of participants responding to the session evaluation said they connected with someone new to them as a result of participating in this session.

Participants shared…
“This is all new for me so all of this information was vital. It was especially great to meet so many amazing people!”
“I enjoyed the Circle of Influence and how it relates to my personal and professional life.”
“[My biggest takeaway from the session was that] we all need to work together in the most unusual circumstances.”

Session 2: Leadership & Local Government (October 14)


  • Understand the current issues and opportunities in local municipalities.

  • Increase understanding of communicating effectively and civilly with elected officials.

  • For those who are legally able to vote in U.S. elections — having a plan to vote.

Information for Participants & Participant Expectations

  • This will be a civil session.

  • This session will be recorded and linked on this website a week after the session takes place.

  • Green County Leaders is nonpartisan. This is for educational purposes only.

Prepare (Estimated 10 Minutes)

  • Identify the district you live and/or work in and your elected officials (local, state, and federal). If you are unsure, check out this page on the Extension Green County website.

  • Optional:

    • If not already, sign up to receive newsletters from elected officials and challengers.

    • Put office numbers in your phone.

Session 2. Agenda:   October 14, 2020 -Leadership & Local Government Participant Agenda

Recording of the Session
Couldn’t join the session, but interested in learning more? Check out the Session 2 Leadership & Local Government recording. Please note that the breakout sessions were not recorded.

Select Session Notes
A quick summary notes of the panel and discussion on voting are below; a quick summary of the session on staying grounded, as well as additional resources to build that skill, are under the “Documents & Resources” section.

Leadership & Local Government Notes
How do you keep yourself grounded and civil when things get heated? Techniques you have been taught or found to work well. 

  • Brian: Step back, realize it’s not personal.
  • Drake: Assume positive intentions with no malice, think the best of people, stick with the facts and leave politics out of it.
  • Erica: Understand where the person is coming from and where they get their information, ask questions.
  • Richard: Use neutral words, it’s best when people don’t know which side of the fence you’re on, look at the big picture and the best end result. 

What is the best way to approach your local officials if you have a problem, concern, or would like to civilly advocate for something? 

  • Richard: Phone call, text, email, give facts without yelling, have an open mind going in, be respectful, be truthful, be precise, ask for an honest response.
  • Erica: Keep in mind most elected officials are there for the right reasons and want to do the right thing and represent you, if you’re really upset/passionate, say it as a disclaimer to help the other person to be able to de-escalate.
  • Drake: Don’t be afraid to say something, don’t wait — call and ask.
  • Brian: Don’t assume the person knows you are upset, don’t presume to understand what the officials think about the issue, know that you might be the first person to tell them about the issue, everyone wants to make the community better.
How can the people of your community get more involved and is there any help that your community needs?
  • Brian: Let someone know, like an elected official, to be considered for committees or commissions, pay attention to what’s going on.
  • Drake: Join a local “friends” group like Friends of the Park or Friends of the Library
  • Erica: Attend meetings, let the county clerk or chair know, find meetings on the municipality’s website.
  • Richard: Don’t believe all coffee shop talk, get the facts, get involved.
One thing going on that people might not know about?
  • Richard: City of Monroe working to strengthen the fire department; the Alice project north of Walmart will provide 47 units of senior housing.
  • Erica: Budget for the county — learn about the process, where the money comes from and what the county is required to use it for.
  • Drake: Village of New Glarus police department renovation; budget process — can’t increase the levy without net new construction.
  • Brian: Village of Belleville is experience a lot of growth with 67 new single family homes built last year and 40 already built this year; growing brings pains and a need to upgrade facilities like the police department and library, hired a new Economic Development and Marketing Specialist.

Voting & Voter Registration — Arianna Voegeli

  • Today (October 14, 2020) is the last day to register to vote. Register today (October 14, 2020) before midnight or wait until Election Day (November 3, 2020).
  • You must be a resident in a municipality for 28 days (not 10 days, which was the previous rule).
  • The volume of absentee ballots has drastically increased.
  • Early in-person voting starts October 20, 2020.
  • The deadline to apply to receive an absentee ballot is October 29, 2020 by 5pm.
  • Be very careful to follow all instructions on the ballot. Put your phone number or email on the envelope in case your clerk needs to contact you.
  • Get your ballot back as soon as you can. They are required to be received by 8pm CST on Election Day (November 3, 2020).

Documents & Resources

During the session a number of documents and resources were used or referenced; they are linked below.

Participants Shared…
In response to “This is the content I found new or refreshing…” participants shared the following:

  • “A reminder to myself [to have] at least one minute of daily meditation.”
  • “How to contact officials if needed.”
  • “Getting to meet some elected or appointed officials from the area and seeing how accessible and approachable they are. It was great hearing how and why they’re contacted from their perspective. It made me feel that I could be more involved, that they’re really there to try to serve in the best interest of the community, and they need more support and participation from the rest of us.”
  • “Interesting to learn more about and hear from local government.”
In response to “Here’s how I will apply learnings from today’s session…” participants shared the following:
  • “The mindfulness is always a good reminder.”
  • “I will look into joining committees and different boards.”
  • “Remembering to approach each situation and person with a positive, paced, respectful, and appreciative attitude for the jobs they are all trying to do.”
  • “I’m going to explore the Green County and City of Monroe websites to learn more about what’s going on in our communities and what decisions are being made and why instead of just being surprised by developments and wondering how they came to be. That will make me feel more connected and aware. I’m interested in participating further as topics that mean a lot to me come into discussion.”

Session 3: Leadership & COVID-19 (November 11)


  • Understand the current COVID-19 situation and the impact on health systems in Green County.

  • Learn about what community leaders, organizations, and businesses can do to help decrease COVID-19 in Green County.

Information for Participants & Participant Expectations

  • This will be a civil session.

  • This session will be recorded and posted here a week after the session takes place..

Session 3 Agenda — Leadership & COVID-19 Agenda  

Recording of the Session
Couldn’t join the session, but interested in learning more? Check out the Session 3 Leadership & COVID 19 recording. You can find the beginnings of the different parts of the session during the times below:

  • 5:00 minutes in: Ground in Gratitude
    Cara Carper, Executive Director, Green County Development Corporation
  • 13:15 minutes in: Update & Call to Action: Green County Public Health Department & Monroe Clinic
    Jane Curran-Meuli, CEO, Monroe Clinic
    RoAnn Warden, Director, Green County Public Health Department
  • 48:00 minutes in: Healthy Community, Healthy Economy
    Bob Erb, President & CEO, Colony Brands
  • 57:35 minutes in: Healthy Community: We’re All In
    Rev. Peder Johanson, Bethlehem Lutheran Church
  • 1:03:11 minutes in: Leadership & Mental Health
    Megan Schilt, Avenues Counseling

Documents & Resources

During the session a number of documents and resources were used or referenced; they are linked below.

The following websites were referenced in the session, or are responses to follow-up questions, and/or recommendations by speakers:

Celebrating Holidays Safely
Contact Information
If you have questions about COVID-19 in Green County you can contact Green County Public Health Department at (608) 328-9390.

Session 4: Leadership, Health, and Wellness (December 9)


In this session, participants will explore the importance of mental health and wellness. This session will include:

  • Exploring the meaning of common humanity and how that could have potential positive impacts on community.

  • Learn about the significance of challenging times and the impact that can have for a growth opportunity.

  • Updates on mental health and wellness resources in Green county.

This session is in partnership with Avenues Counseling in Monroe.

Session 4 Agenda — Leadership & Health & Wellness Agenda 

Recording of the Session
Couldn’t join the session, but interested in learning more? Check out the Session 4 Leadership, Health, and Wellness recording

Session Notes  

  • It can be useful to use the Feelings Wheel as a way to check in with how you are feeling. If stressed or anxious, a body scan/mindfulness activity can be helpful if you are feeling stressed or anxious, or simply as a part of your daily practice. Additional resources on this include:
  • A stress response is when we act now and think later — a survival instinct. We all respond differently. Stress shuts off the parts of our brain that allow us to be responsible. 
  • What is traumatic growth? When we endure struggle, we can see positive growth afterwards. This is different from resilience, which is a personal attribute. Rather than asking how we will recover, instead ask “how will we be changed?” For example, appreciating life, relationships, possibilities, etc. We cannot go back to where we were. Traumatic growth, like having a growth mindset, is a process. 
  • The Southwestern Wisconsin Network of Care website is a valuable resource as is the Southwestern Wisconsin Behavioral Health Partnership Break Your Stress Cycle website.
  • Watch for a save the date announcement coming soon regarding the Southwestern Wisconsin Behavioral Health Summit! 

Documents & Additional Resources
The following documents and resources were either used in the session or recommended by the presenters: 


Emotional Intelligence & Leadership

Emotional Culture

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Session 5: Leadership, Community Nonprofits, and Community Involvement; (January 13, 2021)


In this session, participants will…

  • Explore and reflect on holistic leadership based on the wheel of life reflection tool and informed by the circle of control and circle of influence framework.

  • Learn how individuals can help support individuals, families, and organizations during this difficult time.

Session 5 Agenda — Leadership, Community Nonprofits, and Community Involvement Agenda

Recording of the Session
Couldn’t join the session, but interested in learning more? Check out the Session 5 Leadership, Community Nonprofits, and Community Involvement recording

Session Notes  

These GCL January Session Notes provide more information about the organizational updates and volunteer needs and opportunities. 

Showing Gratitude

Showing gratitude to community members is so important! During this session, showing gratitude for healthcare workers and educators was mentioned.  

Please share your appreciation for our health care workers and educators by sending a virtual thank you note! It’s easy! Just choose the card you like best, write your message to say thank you, and click “submit.” United Way Green County will format all of the cards and send them to our schools and hospital to brighten someone’s day, to show them how much we support them, and to let them know we continue to be in this together!  

Additional Resources

The following organizations provided updates and/or were referenced during the session:

The following were either used in the session or recommended by the presenters:

Session 6: Resiliency & Adaptability (February 10, 2021)


In this session, participants will explore adaptability, including how leaders manage during challenges and opportunities. The session will include: 

  • Building a deeper understanding of resiliency and adaptability at individual, team, and organizational levels.
  • Updates on lessons learned on the ground by non-profits and educational organizations.
  • Personal reflection and group discussion around adaptations that people, teams, and organizations have experienced. 

Session 6 Agenda: Resiliency & Adaptability Agenda 

Recording of the Session

Can’t join this session, but interested in learning more? Check out the Session 6 Resiliency & Adaptability recording. 

Resources Referenced During the Session

Session 7: Stewardship & Sustainability (March 10, 2021)

In this session participants will have an engaging opportunity to consider the impacts their decisions have on the world around them and learn more about what they can do to make a positive difference.
This session will include:

  • Reflections on the impact of the actions we each take;
  • Empowerment in the decisions we make;
  • Lessons from Green County Leader alumni on stewardship and sustainability in action; and
  • Group discussion and reflections on applying lessons learned around stewardship and sustainability.

Session 7 Agenda: Stewardship & Sustainability

Recording of the Session
Can’t join this session, but interested in learning more? The recording will be posted one week after the session.

Suggest Opportunities and Refer a Friend

  1. Let us know what you think! Email me if you have topics or skills you would like to learn more about or if you have additional comments to share. Your perspective is valued and appreciated.
  2. Know someone who may be interested but not a GCL alumni? No problem! Send me their contact info (name/email) and I am happy to include them on programming and opportunity updates for the 2020-2021 GCL year. 

Questions? Contact:

Victoria website

Victoria Solomon
Community Resource Development Educator
Extension Green County
608-328-9440          Email:  victoria.solomon@wisc.edu



Cara Carper
Executive Director
Green County Development Corporation
608-328-9452           Email: cara.gcdc@tds.net