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Annual Drinking Water Testing & Education – 2019

The 2019 Annual Green County UW-Extension Water Testing & Education program is scheduled for early May. An exciting opportunity to learn about the water you drink is being offered to all residents with private wells in the Towns of Cadiz, Clarno, Jordan and Monroe. However, others in the county may also take advantage of the opportunity to test their drinking water.

If you are interested in learning more about drinking water and the quality of your water, this program is an opportunity to have your well water tested at a reduced cost and learn of the results during an educational program with drinking water experts. Groundwater specialists strongly encourage rural residents to test their water at least once every 2 years.

This program is neither mandatory nor regulatory. It is completely voluntary. Those who participate will receive the results of their water tests during an educational program the evening of June 6th, 2019. Results will be kept confidential.

Options for Well Testing:

  • Homeowner Package (Includes tests for nitrate, coliform bacteria, pH, alkalinity, and hardness.) Cost $52.00
  • Metals Package (Tests for arsenic, lead, copper, iron, zinc calcium, magnesium, manganese, sodium, potassium, and sulfate.) Cost $49.00
  • Triazine Screen (Includes tests for triazine type pesticides like atrazine) Cost $30.00

If you choose all three packages the cost is $123, a discount of $8.

Bottles will be available for pickup the week of November 8th at the following locations and times listed. Bottles must be filled and returned on Monday, May 6th, to the site where you picked up your bottles. Tests must be paid for when the bottles are picked up.  View the complete Press Release(to be coming) with the proposed date list for bottle pickup and return dates.


Annual Drinking Water Testing & Education

Most people living in rural areas rely on private wells to supply their drinking water needs. While public and municipal wells are regulated to ensure water quality meets current drinking water standards, private well owners must assume the responsibility of testing and treating water to ensure it is safe to drink.

The Green County UW-Extension office, in partnership with the townships in Green County, coordinates an annual drinking water testing program. These tests are solely for educational purposes and do not have any regulatory component. Individual testing results are not reported to any regulatory agency.

Following the drinking water testing program, Green County UW-Extension will host an educational program on drinking water quality. Households that test their drinking water as part of this program may ask questions about their specific test results; however, the program is open to anyone interested in learning about drinking water quality. UW-Extension water quality experts will discuss how to protect your drinking water, how to get your water tested, interpret water test results and address unsafe drinking water, as well as provide information about water construction, maintenance, and abandonment.

This is a valuable opportunity for you to learn about the quality of your drinking water and groundwater resources. Because of the large number of wells that are tested during this time, it also offers the community an opportunity to gain a better understanding of local water quality.

The next Green County drinking water testing and education program will be held in 2018. Contact Victoria Solomon at 608-328-9440 or victoria.solomon@ces.uwex.edu with any questions.

Testing Options & Instructions for Sampling

Green County: Groundwater Presentations

County Testing Resultswater_drop









Wisconsin Well Water Viewer

This Wisconsin Well Water Viewer website shows well water quality information across Wisconsin summarized at a county, town, and section level.

Wisconsin Well Construction Reports

For an online database of well construction reports in Wisconsin, view the Wisconsin Well Construction Reports.

Additional Resources

Center for Watershed Science and Education

The Center for Watershed Science and Education is a partnership between the UW-Stevens Point College of Natural Resources and UW-Extension. In the spirit of the Wisconsin Idea, the Center works across the state helping to:

  • Support watershed stewardship
  • Assist citizens with lake, river and drinking water quality problems
  • Promote management strategies for water resource protection
  • Provide water quality assessment and support
  • Prepare students for careers as water resource professionals.

Website: www.uwsp.edu/cnt-ap/watershed  

Center for Land use (CLUE)

CLUE creates learning opportunities for communities to help them make sound land use decisions that result in a sustainable Wisconsin.

Website: www.uwsp.edu/crn-ap/clue  

Protecting Wisconsin’s Groundwater

The purpose of this website is to make Wisconsin groundwater information and data accessible and usable, thereby encouraging government officials and planners to incorporate groundwater into their comprehensive-planning processes. Comprehensive plans that adequately address the range of groundwater issues will play a very important role in protecting the groundwater resources of their communities and the state.

Website: http://wi.water.usgs.gov/gwcomp/

Water Education for Youth

Special Presentations & Activities in Classrooms

UW Extension educators are able to come into classrooms to do presentations to talk with kids about water. Below are some presentation possibilities – you can request to have an educator come talk with your class, or you can check out the curriculum materials from the UW Extension office. Contact Victoria Solomon at 608-328-9440 for more information.

  • Groundwater Jeopardy teaches students about groundwater and water conservation and protection in a fun, educational session.
  • The Water Cycle Game teaches students about the water cycle and water pollution in a highly interactive game.

Teacher Training: Groundwater Educational Materials

The Center for Watershed Science and Education holds Groundwater Model workshops for teachers. For more information please see the DNR Groundwater Educational Resources and UW-Stevens Point Groundwater Model Information.

Educating Youth People About Water

Educating Young People About Water (EYPAW) guides and water curricula database provide assistance for developing a community-based, youth water education program. These resources target youth and link educators to key community members to build partnerships to meet common water education goals. The EYPAW resources are full of ideas, checklists, references, partner lists, and community action education materials.

Get Involved in Green County!

Storm Drain Stenciling Kit

You can help educate others about storm water runoff through storm drains by stenciling a message next to storm drains in your community. A storm drain stencil kit is available for check out from the Green County UW-Extension office. Contact Victoria Solomon at 608-328-9440 for more information.


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Community Resource Development Educator
608-328-9440          Email:  victoria.solomon@ces.uwex.edu