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The acronym, G.U.P.P.Y., stands for Green County United Prevention Professionals for Youth. The group is made up of Green County school counselors, law enforcement, human service personnel, health department personnel, CESA representation, county nurses, university extension agents and school AOCA persons. The G.U.P.P.Y. group meets on a monthly basis to discuss youth issues in Green County. Ideas are brainstormed and developed into plans. Those ideas that the group feels would be most beneficial to Green County are carried out within the county.


If you or someone you know is contemplating suicide,
CALL  800.273.TALK  or   800.275.8255   or   911


Reality Check  ~  Passport to Reality!               April  -TBA              Monroe High School

This program invites teens from our community schools to enter a large scale “maze”, where youth are given a series of cards that detail a real life scenario that brings “to life” the consequences of a poor choice.  There are a total of ten (10) stations in the program that include:

Party Scene                 School                                 Ambulance                   Home                            Police
Court                           Hospital/Clinic                   Counseling                    SARP                           Insurance Agent

Each student will visit 5 stations on their journey through the maze.  These stations are staffed by community professionals with experience in these specific areas to accurately educate teens to what would actually happen if this were reality.  The teens are given a “taste” of what could really happen to them as a result of the poor choice “dealt” to them in the maze.

The event provides critical education to teens about the real consequences of the choices they make today and the profound effect it can have on their future health, legal status, financial stability, future educational opportunities, and effect on family relationships.  This type of simulated event educates teens in a way that could not be done with this level of impact inside a classroom.  From this event, teens also realize those in the community care about them and desire to see them have a productive future.

For more information regarding the Reality Check or to volunteer, contact Green County UW-Extensoin, at 608.328.9440.


Risk Factors – Warning Signs – Protection and Facts

Risk Factors & Warning Signs

  • Talking about suicide, death and/or no reason to live.
  • Expressions of hopelessness, worthlessness, and helplessness
  • Previous suicide attempts
  • Abrupt personality changes
  • Excessive risk taking behavior
  • Depression
  • Giving away prized possessions of setting one’s affairs in order
  • Lack of interest in the future.
  • Preoccupation with death
  • Withdrawal from family, friends, or social supports

Protective Factors

  • Know the warning signs of depression and suicide
  • Always take thoughts or plans of suicide seriously
  • Never keep a person’s plan for suicide a secret.
  • Ask the person if they are thinking about suicide.  Asking will not plant the idea in someone’s head.
  • Ask the person if they have a suicide plan, weapon, or some type of dangerous object.
  • If the person is in immediate danger, they must see a doctor or psychiatrist immediately.  Call 911 or take the person to the nearest hospital emergency room.
  • Do not minimize the person’s problems.  Be non-judgemental.  Show interest, support and undivided attention.  He or she is not just seeking attention.
  • If the person is not in immediate danger, show empathy and do your best to help him or her find a doctor or a mental health care professional.


  • Every 18 minutes, someone in the United States dies by suicide; it is estimated that an attempt is made once a minute.
  • 668 people died by suicide in Wisconsin in 2006.
  • In Wisconsin, suicide is the second most common cause of death amoung people 25-34.  It is third nationally.
  • People age 65 and older have a higher percentage of suicides than any other age group.
  • Men complete suicide four times more often than women; however, at least as many women attempt suicide.
  • The suicide rate for your black males (15-34) has risen dramatically over the past fifteen years.



Mental Health America of Wisconsin  ~  414.276.3122
National Crisis Line  ~  800.273.TALK
Community Information Line 211  ~  866.211.3380
HOPES (Helping Others Prevent and Educate about Suicide)  608.274.9686
American Association of Suicidology   ~  202.237.2280
SAVE  (Save Awareness Voices of Education)  ~  888.511.SAVE
Suicide Prevention Resource Center  ~  877.GET.SPRC (438-7772)

Alliance for Wisconsin Youth
The Alliance for Wisconsin Youth  brings together coalitions, individuals, and resources to prevent substance abuse and related behavioral health concerns affecting young people, and to promote positive youth development.  The Alliance’s mission is to enhance and support the capacity of local Alliances (member coalitions) in their prevention and youth development work.  Over 100 local coalitions are members of the Alliance.  Look inside their website for membership services and benefits, information about each Local Alliance, opportunities for youth and important links to partners and resources, and much more. 


Cooperating School Districts:  Albany, Brodhead, Juda, Monroe, Monticello, New Glarus
Cooperative Agencies:  District Attorney, Prosecuting Attorneys, Health Department, Human Services, Juvenile Intake, Sheriff’s Department, CESA #2, UW-Extension, Lutheran Social Services, Monroe Police, and Monticello Police.

For more information contact Green County UW-Extension-

Green County UW-Extension
2841 – 6th Street
Monroe, WI  53566