PEAQ Forages Monitor

Predictive Equations for Alfalfa Quality (PEAQ) Stick monitoring will be conducted by the UW-Madison Division of Extension Crops & Soils and Dairy Educators of Grant, Green, Iowa, and Lafayette county. 

PEAQ is a method developed by the University of Wisconsin to provide an estimate of the relative feed value of first cutting alfalfa based on crop height and maturity.  Our goal is that this information will help forage producers and agronomy professionals track the growth and development of alfalfa in their area so they know when to check their own fields to target their preferred quality while maximizing tonnage.

Samples will be collected on Mondays and Thursdays with results posted online Tuesdays and Fridays during the month of May.

For more information, contact Jordyn Sattler, Crops and Soils Educator at or by contacting the Green County Extension Office at 608-328-9440.

County FarmDateHeight/MaturityPEAQ Value
GRANT COUNTYSouth – Tom Kaiser – Alf5/6/2420.5″./early bud197 RFV
South – Tom Kaiser – Alf5/9/2423″ / bud186 RFV
South – Tom Kaiser – Alf5/13/2426″ / bud172 RFV
South – Tom Kaiser – Alf5/16/2429″ / bud160 RFV
West – Joe Mumm – Alf5/6/2419″ /vegetative217 RFV
West – Joe Mumm – Alf5/9/2422.5″ /early bud188 RFV
West – Joe Mumm – Alf5/13/2426″ / bud172 RFV
West – Joe Mumm – Alf5/16/2428.5″ / bud162 RFV
GREEN COUNTYNorth – Voegeli Farms – Alf5/6/2417″/vegetative230 RFV
North – Voegeli Farms – Alf5/9/2420″/vegetative211 RFV
North – Voegeli Farms – Alf5/13/2425″ /early bud177 RFV
North – Voegeli Farms – Alf5/16/2427″ / bud168 RFV
South – Wenger Farms – Alf5/6/2420″ /early bud200 RFV
South – Wenger Farms – Alf5/9/2423″ /bud186 RFV
South – Wenger Farms – Alf5/13/2427″ / bud168 RFV
South – Wenger Farms – Alf5/16/2428″ / bud164 RFV
IOWA COUNTYNorth – Model Dairy Farms – Alf5/6/2420″ /early bud200 RFV
North – Model Dairy Farms – Alf5/9/2423″/bud186 RFV
North – Model Dairy Farms – Alf5/13/2426.5″ / bud169 RFV
North – Model Dairy Farms – Alf5/16/24no reading-cut on 5/15
South – Spring Nook Farms – Alf5/6/2419.5″ /vegetative215 RFV
South – Spring Nook Farms – Alf5/9/2421″/vegetative216 RFV
South – Spring Nook Farms – Alf5/13/2424.5″ / vegetative187 RFV
South – Spring Nook Farms – Alf5/16/2427″ / vegetative175 RFV
LAFAYETTE COUNTYNorth – Mike & Jolene Martin – Alf5/6/2418.5″ /vegetative220 RFV
North – Mike & Jolene Martin – Alf5/9/2421″/vegetative216 RFV
North – Mike & Jolene Martin – Alf5/13/2425″ / vegetative185 RFV
North – Mike & Jolene Martin – Alf5/16/2427″ / early bud168 RFV
South – Cottonwood Dairy – Alf5/6/2418″ /vegetative224 RFV
South – Cottonwood Dairy – Alf5/9/2422″/vegetative200 RFV
South – Cottonwood Dairy – Alf5/13/2425″ / vegetative185 RFV
South – Cottonwood Dairy – Alf5/16/2426″ / early bud176 RFV

Thank you to our cooperating farms!

  • Cottonwood Dairy (Wiota area)
  • Tom Kaiser (Cuba City area)
  • Mike & Jolene Martin (Willow Springs/Calamine area)
  • Model Dairy Farms (Dodgeville area)
  • Nook Spring Farm (Mineral Point area)
  • Joe Mumm (Lancaster area)
  • Voegeli Farms (Monticello area)
  • Wenger Farms (Brodhead area)
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