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Green County Leaders (GCL) is an educational program where individuals practice leadership skills, deepen their understanding of community issues, and prepare for leadership roles. This creates a network of active and visionary individuals who leverage their experience and expertise to benefit their community and local community-based organizations. 

Applications are closed for the 2022-2023 Green County Leaders program!

Community Project Proposal Applications Now Open! 

2022-2023 GCL Community Project Proposal Form (fillable)

Does your organization or group have a need or issue that may benefit from the time, talents and expertise of a Green County Leaders project team?

Community projects link participants with community groups and provide hands-on leadership experience, complete with all the challenges and opportunities that exist in the community. Community projects assist participants in developing their leadership skills and provide a deliverable that would not have been accomplished without the GCL project team assistance. Descriptions of past projects can be found online at Projects must be completed by the project teams by mid-May.

To submit a project proposal, complete the attached project proposal form and send to Victoria Solomon at by 8am on Wednesday, September 7, 2022. Your proposal will be reviewed by the GCL curriculum committee, which will be looking for feasibility, concreteness, and timeline.

What is the program format and schedule?

The program involved a monthly all-day session September through May.  Program days are dedicated to both personal leadership development and community orientation, led by a variety of trainers, facilitators, and community leaders. Additionally, there are activities required outside of program days that provide outlets to use and refine skills, concepts, and tools introduced in sessions, and readings that are integral program components. 

Through interactive community orientation, personal leadership development training, outside activities, and a hands-on team project, GCL provides participants with increased capacity to contribute as effective leaders and a great knowledge of the area in which they live and/or work. 

Green County Leaders is a leadership laboratory that provides participants with opportunities to:

  • Grow and practice leadership skills;
  • Deepen understanding of community issues;
  • Reflect on personal leadership legacy; and
  • Strengthen and expand leadership networks. 

Who are the program partners?

Green County Leaders is made possible by a partnership between UW-Madison Division of Extension Green County and the Green County Development Corporation with strong support from community organizations and businesses. 

Who is on the Green County Leaders Board of Directors?

Green County Leaders is intentionally a multistakeholder network with connections in communities across Green County. The Board of Directors is as follows:

Business/Education/At-Large Representatives

  • Bill Oemichen
  • Lori Rodefeld, Monroe Clinic
  • Pedar Johanson, Bethlehem Lutheran Church

Alumni Representatives/At-Large

  • Jon Brunner, Klondike Cheese
            GCL Alumni 2012-2013
  • Kevin Carlson, Jack Link’s
            GCL Alumni 2017-2018
  • Al Hanusa, Colony Brands
            GCL Alumni 2012-2013
  • Teresa Keehn, United Way of Green County
            GCL Alumni 2017-2018
  • Jill Leitzen, Kuhn North America
            GCL Alumni 2003-2004
  • Angela Noel, Brodhead Memorial Public Library
            GCL Alumni 2016-2017

Green County Development Corporation

  • Olivia Otte, Executive Director

Extension Green County

  • Victoria Solomon, Community Resource Development Educator

Where can I find more information?


Questions? Contact:

Victoria website

Victoria Solomon
Community Resource Development Educator
Extension Green County
608-328-9440          Email:



Olivia Otte
Executive Director
Green County Development Corporation
608-328-9452           Email: