4-H Adult Leaders & Jr Leaders

Green County 4-H Adult Leaders

2021-2022 Officers

President:Tina Herbst – Next Generation
Vice President:Dawn Smith – Washington Center
Secretary:Katy Dickson – Browntown Busy Beavers
Treasurer:Josh Montgomery – Next Generation
Members At Large:Stacy Leitner – Cheese Country Clovers
Tyler Sievers – Clarence Bridge Pioneers

Meeting Agendas & Minutes:

  • Monday, January 2, 2023 Exec Board Meeting Agenda – (6:15pm Executive Board)
  • Monday, January 2, 2023 Adult Leaders Agenda – (7:30pm Adult Leaders)
  • Monday, November, 2023 Executive Board Meeting Minutes (coming soon)
  • Monday, November, 2023 Adult Leaders Meeting Minutes (coming soon)

  • Please note – you can join these meetings either online OR by phone.

Green County 4-H Awards & Recognition Standing Committee Members:

Stacy Leitner, Cheese Country Clovers – (Term Expires: 2023)
Laura Vosberg, Young Americans (Term Expires: 2025)
Tyler Sievers, Clarence Bridge Pioneers (Term Expires: 2023)
Dawn Smith, Washington Center (Term expires: 2024)
Tina Straws, Next Generation (Term expires: 2024)
Mirielle Smith, Washington Center (Youth Leader)

2021.09.27 Awards & Recognition Committee Minutes

2021.07.08 Awards & Recognition Committee Minutes

2021.1.21 Awards & Recognition Meeting Minutes

Green County 4-H Marketing & Promotions Standing Committee Members:
Dawn Smith, Washington Center – (Term Expires: 2025)
Heidi Rufer, Next Generation – Financial Secretary (Term Expires: 2023)
Stacy Leitner, Cheese Country Clovers (Term expires: 2024)
Correna Bovee, Washington Center (Term expires: 2024)
Devi Duerst, New Glarus (Youth Leader)
Mirielle Smith, Washington Center (Youth Leader)
Megan Leitner, Cheese Country Clovers (Youth Leader)

2022.04.20 Marketing & Promotion Committee Meeting Minutes

2021.08.24 Marketing & Promotion Committee Minutes

2021.07.08 Marketing & Promotion Committee Minutes

2020.11.10 Marketing & Promotion Committee Meeting Minutes

2020.3.12 Marketing and Promotion Committee Meeting Minutes

Camp Financial Committee
Ann Goers, Washington Center (Term Expires: 2025)
Josh Montgomery, Next Generation (Term expires: 2023)
Tina Straws, Next Generation (Term expires: 2023)
Kim Berg, Young Americans (Term expires: 2023)

2020.11.17 Camp Financial Committee Meeting Minutes

Fundraising Committee
Chris Smith, Washington Center (Term Expires: 2024)
Tina Straws, Next Generation (Term expires: 2023)

I’m a 4-H Project Leader: Now what do I do?

Green County 4-H Junior Leaders                                           

2021-2022 Officers

President:  Katie Nusbaum – Next Generation
Vice President:   Katelyn Eyler – Washington Center
Secretary:  Skye Dickson – Browntown Busy Beavers
Treasurer:   Abbi Andrews – Next Generation
Reporter:AJ Johnson – Next Generation
Members at Large :Mara Dickson – Browntown Busy Beavers
Mirielle Smith – Washington Center
Youth Advisory:Jackie Nusbaum – Next Generation
Junior Leaders Rep:Emily Goers, Washington Center
Junior Leaders
Adult Advisors:
Deb Myers, 934-5460, email – Next Generation
Rhonda Alton, 558-1648

Junior Leaders Meeting Dates
(All meetings are held from 7:00 – 8:30 PM at the Monroe United Methodist Church unless otherwise specified)

  • Wednesday, March 2, 2022

You can be a Green County Junior Leader if:  

  • You have been enrolled in 4-H for the current year.
  • You are in 6th – 13th grade in school.
  • You assist in Junior Leader activities.

Reasons to join Green County Junior Leaders:

  • You can help younger members to have some of the same opportunities that you have had in 4-H club work.
  • You can help develop your ability to work with others.
  • You can make new friends!
  • You may become eligible for 4-H trips, awards, and scholarships.
  • You can develop your abilities to plan, to organize, and to reason.
  • You can become better acquainted with the entire 4-H club program.
  • You can be a leader in your community.

For further information, contact any of the Adult Advisors or the Green County UW-Extension Office at 608-328-9440.

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Ellen Andrews
4-H Youth Development Educator
Extension Green County
2841 6th Street
Monroe, WI 53566-9397
Office Phone: 608-328-9440
After Hours Cell#: 608-352-0242