Downtown Market Analysis

Downtown Market Analysis
Identifying Downtown Market Opportunities Through Data

Market studies are typically conducted in downtown districts for a number of reasons. Examples include:

  • To help businesses understand their trade area to improve sales;
  • To explore business development opportunities; and
  • To demonstrate the economic importance of downtown.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Division of Extension helps communities assess downtown development opportunities based on data and participatory research. The results from a downtown market analysis can serve as the basis for community action. 

How does a downtown market analysis work?

A multistakeholder study group is pulled together from members of the community. Through meetings facilitated by a local Extension educator and a statewide Extension economic development specialist, the multistakeholder group uses both data and on the ground experience to understand the market, analyze opportunities by sector, develop recommendations, and look at putting this information to action to support local economic development.

For more information, please check out UW-Madison Division of Extension’s Center for Community & Economic Development’s information on Downton Market Analysis.

How can I find results from completed downtown market analysis reports from Green County communities?



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