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Green County Leaders Mission

To provide an educational program where individuals practice leadership skills, deepen their understanding of community issues, and prepare for leadership roles, thereby creating a network of individuals committed to the future of Green County. 

Green County Leaders provides equal opportunity in education and programming.

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September 6, 2023
Authentic Leadership
New Glarus, WI
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Who benefits from Green County Leaders?

Everyone — as individual capacity increases, so does the capacity of our communities!

Participants experience…

  • Increased awareness of local issues;
  • Enhanced leadership skills; and
  • Expanded network of local leaders.

Employees gain…

  • Employees who are trained in leadership skills;
  • Employees who are able to be better engaged in Green County communities;
  • Employer involvement in county activities; and
  • Employer profiled as a good corporate citizen. 

Green County communities gain…

  • Active community leadership networking;
  • County-wide collaboration; and 
  • Increased participation and effort on community issues and opportunities.

What do alumni say about their Green County Leaders experience?

Green County Leaders can help you take the next step in your leadership journey. Just listen to what some of our graduates say!

“As a new leader within the community and not being from the local community, it can be difficult at times to learn the community and the needs quickly. Participating in Green County Leaders gave me a solid foundation in all those needs and assisted me in building the necessary network to help serve the community to the best of my ability.” 

–Anna Taylor, Monroe Clinic

“Green County Leaders provided me the chance to learn about the county I live in and the industries, issues, and programs we have. As a life long resident of Green County, I learned tons about the county that I hadn’t previously known.”

–Cody Sulzer, Colony Brands

“I took a new position at Woodford State Bank and went through the GCL class at that time. This was an excellent way to network, get involved in the community, and learn how to use different strengths as a leader to help out. We have been sending employees through this class continuously, and when those participants share what they learned and got out of the class that day, it never gets old! I am always thinking of different ways to incorporate what I have learned or brainstorm ideas that could benefit our communities. The people in our community and our businesses are the lifeblood that keeps it going!”

–Val Johnson, Woodford State Bank

“The program opened my eyes to a large list of problems in our community, but provided us with the knowledge and foundation to help fix them with our newly learned leadership qualities. Each session has you wanting more. I would take the program again!”

–Brian Schaible, Wisconsin Bank and Trust

“I loved the Green County Leaders program as it pushed me to step outside my comfort zone in many areas and allowed me to expand my connections within Green County. I have never been a confident public speaker, but the program has allowed me to gain that comfort and I have successfully spoken in front of several large groups regarding our success with Hawk’s Mill Winery. I have also partnered with Green Cares Food Pantry to host their annual fundraiser, along with the VFW of Monroe to raise funds to give back to veterans and their families in Green County. The connections I have made from Green County Leaders have been invaluable.” 

–Teresa Joranlien, Hawk’s Mill Winery

“Leaders come in many different forms, and I learned how to challenge myself to be a better leader and member of our community. Green County offers many valuable resources and organizations that many people are unaware of. This class gave me the tools to better serve our community and take my leadership skills to another level.”

–Ryan Dahmen, The Bank of New Glarus

“As someone new to Green County, this program was a great way to learn about the various resources and issues in our communities. Without this program it would have taken years for me to make connections with the groups and individuals involved.” 

–Angela Noel, Brodhead Memorial Public Library

“Green County Leaders was a great way for me to improve my leadership skills and step outside my comfort zone. I am a person who typically sticks to things that I feel comfortable with. As a part of the class, we were required to do a community involvement project where we do something in the community we haven’t done before. For my project, I attended a focus group at the YMCA. After the meeting, they asked if I would join the board and decided to join. I truly think GCL gave me the confidence to join.” 

–Andrew Aurit, Colony Brands

“The Green County Leaders program is by far one of the best leadership-based programs I have been through. It was enlightening to learn more about my own leadership strengths as well as learning about community organizations, needs, and how I can support both.” 

–Belinda Pratt, Orchid International — Monroe

“Green County Leaders was a great way to get a more comprehensive understanding of my local community and meet other interesting leaders from different backgrounds than my own who I otherwise would not have met.” 

–Bret Shaw, UW-Madison

“My experience was terrifying at first. I’m not the most outgoing person but I’m kind, caring, love to meet new people one-on-one and learn about myself  in the process. GCL helped me in all areas. To come out of my shell at those times that I wasn’t passionate about something, to share my story, and to hopefully give a little something of myself to at least one of the other students in my class. I know that I learned a lot from the others in my class and I hope that I can use it to be just as effective of a leader that I can be.”

–Gina Butson, Mosher & Associates Insurance Services

What impact has Green County Leaders had on participants?

As a result of Green County Leaders…

  • 95% of alumni increased their understanding of Green County communities.
  • 94% of alumni used the communication skills they learned to increase their understanding of self and others. 
  • 93% of alumni increased awareness of individual strengths to build stronger teams.
  • 89% of alumni felt more connected to Green County. 
  • 70% of alumni made changes in order to live their leadership legacy.
  • 57% of alumni say that participating in GCL has positively contributed to their decision to live/work in Green County. 

Additionally, view the Green County Leaders 10-Year Report for more information! 

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