4-H & FFA Beef Project members can use this webpage for informational items related to the Beef project.  For questions regarding the Beef project, contact the Green County UW-Extension office at 608-328-9440.


2021 Green County Fair Updates- 

  • YQCA — To Be Determined!  
  • NEW!  Market Heifers have been added to be shown at the Green County Fair. They must be open and will be checked during check-in/weigh-in at the fair. 
  • 2021 Beef Fair Rules Handout
  • Again this year, all youth must enter showmanship on their fair entry form to participate in the Beef Showmanship classes at the Green County Fair.
  • All Beef will be required to check in at the fair on Tuesday, July 20th, from 2:00-4:00pm.  Beef cattle cannot be unloaded prior to 2pm.
  • Exhibitors who have sold, or plan to sell, in any other fair auction prior to, or after, the Green County Fair are NOT eligible to sell at the Green County Fair Auction.  The only exception to this rule would be animals sold through the Governor’s Auction at the Wisconsin State Fair.
  • Vehicles are not allowed to park around the dairy and livestock buildings between 8AM and 8PM from Wednesday to Saturday and from 8AM to 6PM on Sunday of the fair. All animals and exhibits must remain in place until 6PM on Sunday.
  • BEEF FITTING RULE: Green County Fair Exhibitors are required to fit their own animals once they are on the fairgrounds. They may be assisted only by immediate family members. To maintain a high degree of confidence and integrity in the livestock shows, Green County Fair Management reserves the right to disqualify any animal fitted in an unethical manner.  Unethical fitting shall include any injection of gas, solid or liquid to alter the normal conformation or degree of firmness.  It shall also include attempts to change the appearance of the animal by adding artificial tail heads, switches, polls, hair and heels.
  • Beef exhibitors are strongly encouraged to use neck straps in addition to halters for securing their animals in their stalls.
  • Beef Market Steers must weigh a minimum of 1,100 and a maximum of 1,500 pounds at the final weigh-in to sell in the auction.  Beef steers weighing more than 1,500 pounds may be withdrawn from the auction OR sold through the auction as a 1,500 pound animal.
  • Dairy steers must weigh a minimum of 1,300 pounds and a maximum of 1,650 pounds at the final weigh-in to sell in the auction.  Dairy steers weighing more than 1,650 pounds may be withdrawn from the auction OR sold through the auction as a 1,650 pound animal.
  • Beef Market Heifers must weigh a minimum of 1,000 and a maximum of 1,500 pounds at the final weigh-in to sell in the auction.  Beef Heifers weighing more than 1,500 pounds may be withdrawn from the auction OR sold through the auction as a 1,500 pound animal.
  • A beef exhibitor can retain show rights for WI State Fair by declaring their intent to the auction committee prior to the auction.  Exhibitors must also provide a private written contract, signed by the exhibitor’s parents and the buyer, to the auction clerks before the conclusion of the auction.  The contract must state the exhibitor and parents agree to the following:  to accept responsibility for any liability claims caused by the steer, to provide proper care of the animal, to guarantee a minimum re-sale price to the buyer, to only exhibit the steer at the WI State Fair, and to have their auction checks held until they confirm delivery of the animals to the buyer.  A copy of this contract must be provided to the Buyer and the Auction Clerk prior to the conclusion of the auction.
  • A $12.00 fee will be collected for each Beef Entry (excluding carcass steers) to cover the cost of wood chips.
  • An identification fee of $5/head will be deducted from the check of each exhibitor selling lambs, steers, and barrows in the auction.
  • Only exhibitors who are members of a Green County 4-H Club or FFA Chapter are eligible to sell animals in the Green County Fair Meat Animal Auctions.  Each year, they must also complete and turn in an Auction Financial Record book by October 1st.
  • Don’t forget to also review the Livestock Auction Rules and Entry Information  and review the BEEF Fairbook information on the Green County Fair website.


BEEF Project — Important Dates to Remember

  • January 2, 2021 -Weigh In
  • TO BE DETERMINED — Deadline to turn in YQCA Certification
  • May 25, 2021 — Fair Entries Due Online
  • May 25, 2021 — Auction Entry Forms due to Green County UW-Extension
  • June 25, 2021 — Buyers Auction Cards due to Green County UW-Extension
  • July 20, 2021 — Beef Animals checked in at Green County Fair between 2-4:00pm.
  • July 20, 2021 — Beef Market Animals –Performance Class at Green County Fair — 6:00pm
  • October 1, 2021 — Livestock Auction Financial Records due to Green County UW-Extension


YQCA jpg

Youth for the Quality Care of Animals (YQCA) Certification

Wisconsin has replaced the MAQA program with the YQCA program, a youth education certification program on the issues of animal welfare, food safety and character education.

For 2021, this certification will be required of:

  • TO BE DETERMINED–Green County Fair Animal Exhibitors (Dairy, Beef, Swine, Sheep, Goats, Poultry & Rabbits)
  • WI State Fair Junior Animal Exhibitors (Dairy, Beef, Swine, Sheep, Goats, Poultry & Rabbits) – must complete and submit certification number as part of WSF entry process.

YQCA gives families more flexibility in gaining this required certification, by offering them two different learning methods:

All 2021 YQCA Training options MUST be registered and paid for online at

YQCA Requirements are still being detemined– Please check back. 

Steps for Getting Your YQCA Certification: 

Click here for Step-By-Step directions with pictures.

Create An Account—Go to:

  • 4-H Exhibitors—Please sign in using the “4HOnline” option. This will save you re-entering all of your contact info.
  • FFA Exhibitors—Please sign in using the “Independent Sign In” option.

Select a Course—it is IMPORTANT to select the correct course for the youth’s age, as of Dec. 31, 2019.

Purchase a Course—Select the state, and then select Web-Based ($12).  MUST pay online for the course. Keep a copy of your receipt/confirmation.

Submitting Certificate of Completion—Once the training is complete, return to the course menu screen to download a PDF of the Certificate of Completion with the youth’s unique certificate number. Certificate numbers must be submitted as part of the Green County Fair online entry process.

For more information, print the YQCA Flyer 2021 –coming soon or please contact the Extension Green County office at 608-328-9440 with any questions.


Green County Fair Market Animal Performance Show Rules – Sponsored by the Green County Beef Producers

Green County 4-H & FFA youth interested in showing at the 2021 Green County Junior Fair Market Animal Performance Show or WI State Fair MUST follow the rules below:

  • All steers/heifers (here after referred to as “market animals”) must be born after January 1 of the year proceeding the exhibit year.
  • Only market animals identified at the Green County weigh-in and having an average daily gain of 2.0 pounds or more between weigh-ins are eligible for carcass competition.
  • All performance animals must be weighed and scanned for carcass information on Tuesday, 2:00-4:00pm. There will be no repeat weights.
  • Beef Steers must weigh 1,100 pounds, Dairy Steers must weigh a minimum of 1,300 pounds, and Beef Heifers must weigh a minimum of 1,000 pounds to participate in the Performance contest.
  • Performance Animals will be clipped (if needed) for proper scanning.
  • Only 1 animal per exhibitor may be entered in the Beef Performance Contest
  • Performance animals must be entered in Lot 120
  • Performance steers may also be entered in lot 100 or 110; Performance heifers may also be entered in Lot 115. Performance animals will be allowed to exhibit in the market animal show with the exception of the Grand and Reserve Overall Performance Champions.
  • The performance animals will be judged live Tuesday at 6:00pm. Fair premiums will NOT be awarded for the performance show.
  • The Grand and Reserve Overall Performance Animals will be required to sell in the Youth Livestock Auction if they meet eligibility requirements.
  • The Performance Champion animals will be evaluated for overall placing according to the following percentages:
    Average Daily Gain  = 30%;  Live Placing  = 30%;   Carcass Placing  = 40%
  • All market animals in the Performance Lot must be broke to lead. Animals deemed to be unsafe may be asked to leave the ring and be disqualified at the sole discretion of the Green County Beef Producers Board of Directors.
  • All premiums/awards for the Performance Class paid for by the Green County Beef Producers.


Green County Beef Weigh In Information – 2021

Green County 4-H & FFA youth interested in showing at the 2021Green County Junior Fair Steer Show or WI State Fair MUST have their cattle weighed and identified on Saturday, January 2, 2021 from 8:00am-11:00am at Equity Livestock, Hwy 69 S, Monroe, WI.  Each exhibitor can identify a maximum of 5 steers/heifers for the county fair.  Exhibitors are reminded that beef steers must weigh a minimum of 1,100 pounds, dairy steers must weigh 1,300 pounds, and market heifers must weigh a minimum of 1,000 pounds, to be eligible to be sold in the livestock auction.  Maximum weights for the auction are 1,500 pounds for beef steers/heifers and 1,650 for dairy steers.  Exhibitors can sell steers/heifers weighing over these maximum weights, however they will not get paid for any pounds above the maximum weights when sold through the Green County Fair Meat Auction.  All market steers/heifers must also have a rate of gain of two pounds or more per day to be eligible to enter the market animal performance contest or to be sold in the Green County Livestock Auction.  The Green County Beef Producers are assisting with the weigh-in.  If you have additional questions, call Jackie McCarville, Green County Ag Educator at 608-328-9440.


Livestock Identification

Wisconsin Livestock Identification Consortium (WLIC) is registering premises as the authorized agent for the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP).  The Wisconsin Livestock Premises Registration Act requires anyone who keeps, houses, or co-mingles livestock to register their premises.  To apply for a premise identification number for the firt time, use the Electronic First Time Application.  To renew your premise identification, use the Electronic Renewal Document.  For more information on premise identification, visit the Wisconsin Livestock Identification Consortium website.



Green County Beef Producers Scholarship
This scholarship is available to any Green County 4-H, FFA or resident who is attending or planning to attend a college, vocational school, technical school, Agriculture Short Course, or any institution of higher learning.  Selection will be based on your involvement with the beef industry and service to the Green County Beef Producers organization.  Applications are due July 1st to Bryan Witt, 8359 County Hwy M, Browntown, WI  53522.  Applications may be obtained online or at the Green County UW-Extension office.  Green County Beef Producers Scholarship

WI Cattlemen’s Association Scholarship
This scholarship is available to any Green County 4-H, FFA, or resident who is a graduating high school senior enrolled or planning to enroll in any university, technical college, community college in the United States, and the University of Wisconsin Madison Agricultural Short Course Program.  Applicants must have a background in beef, veal, or dairy industry and must be a resident of WIsconsin.  Preference will be given to those majoring in an agriculture-related field.  Ten $500 Scholarships will be awarded to top applicants.  Applications are due February 18th.  Applications may be obtained online  For an application and more information, visit the Wisconsin Cattlemen’s Association website.


World Beef Expo
UW Saddle & Sirloin
Wisconsin Cattlemen’s Association
National Cattlemen’s Beef Association
Wisconsin 4-H Beef Project
Wisconsin Beef Council


Green County Beef Producers

This organization supports and sponsors youth in various beef areas through trophy and award sponsorships as well as scholarships.  Each year, they hold a “Great Steak Out Event” to celebrate being in the beef industry.  Contact Todd Forrester 608.897.8460 for more information.