Green County 4-H Goat Project members can access this page for important information regarding the Goat Project.  Updates will be made to events as applicable.  Resources are listed for websites to visit and learn more about the goat project as well.

If you have any questions regarding the Green County 4-H Goat Project, contact Ellen Andrews, Green County 4-H Youth Development Educator, at 608-328-9440 or by email at ellen.andrews@wisc.edu.

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Upcoming Events:

2021 Market Goat Identification

All market goats being ID’d for the fair need to have a scrapie tag and an USDA RFID 840 tag. Your scrapie tag will also need to be purchased independently. For the RFID tags, Market Wether Goat ID Kits will need to be picked up at the Extension Green County Office between April 19th and May 3rd.  Goat ID Kits will contain the 2021 Green County Fair Goat Exhibit Rules, Goat USA RFID Tags, a tagger (if needed and must be returned) Goat ID Forms, YQCA Information, and Auction Entry Forms.

To identify your market wether goats for the Green County Fair, you will need to pick up your Goat ID Kit and tag the goat with the RFID Tags. (Also have the goats tagged with your farm scrapie tags).  Two ID pictures need to be taken– a front view that clearly displays both tags and also a side view.  Use the Goat ID forms to mount the pictures on and fill in the information pertinent to that goat. Youth are allowed to ID up to 5 goats. Each goat will have it’s own ID Form.

Picture ID Forms must be returned to Extension Green County office before 4:30 PM on May 3rd to exhibit market goats at the 2021 Green County Fair.  Goat ID Forms can list family youth, including all siblings, within the immediate family, with a maximum of 5 market goats being entered for picture ID’s.  Goat ID Forms can be mailed, emailed, or dropped off at the Extension Green County drop box in our front lobby.

Youth will need their Goat ID scrapie tag numbers to enter on their online fair entry form. Youth must also complete their YQCA Certification before doing fair entries. For more information on YQCA, see below.  Fair entry forms will need to be entered online by June 1st. Auction Entry Forms will need to be turned into Extension Green County by June 1st also.  No Exceptions!

Only the Grand and Reserve Champion Market Goats will be sold in the 2021 Meat Animal Auction. By June 25th, 2021, two buyer cards must be completed and turned into the Extension Green County office. 

All Market goats that will be shown at the Green County Fair will be weighed in at the fair on July 20th, 2021 from 9-11am.  Market goats need to weigh a minimum of 45 pounds at the fair to be eligible to sell in the auction.  All market goats brought to the fair need to have scrapie tags and exhibitors are reminded that all breeding goats will still be required to have a USDA Scrapie tag before the animals are allowed onto the fairgrounds this summer. The only exception to this is for breeding animals that have breed registration papers and a breed tattoo. If exhibitors plan to exhibit breeding stock they can order their own scrapie tags by calling 1-866-873-2824.   Animals that will be exhibited in the goat breeding classes at the fair are not required to do the pre-identification ID process.  For more information, read the complete
Green County Market Goat Exhibitor Rules 2021 or contact the Extension Green County office at 608-328-9440.

Don’t forget to also review the Livestock Auction Rules and Entry Information  and review the GOAT  Fairbook information on the Green County Fair website.

YQCA jpg

Youth for the Quality Care of Animals (YQCA) Certification

Wisconsin required the YQCA program, a youth education certification program on the issues of animal welfare, food safety and character education.

For 2021, this certification will be required of:

  • Green County Fair Animal Exhibitors (Dairy, Beef, Swine, Sheep, Goats, Poultry & Rabbits) – must complete and submit certification number as part of Green County Fair entry process.
  • SPECIAL WAIVER IN 2021 — If you completed YQCA Certification in 2020, your certificate number will be honored in 2021 for the Green County Fair. If you are a NEW exhibitor, you will need to do the online training. (If you exhibit in other fairs, you will need to check their YQCA rule requirements) You must enter the Certificate Number on your Online Fair Entry. 
  • WI State Fair Junior Animal Exhibitors (Dairy, Beef, Swine, Sheep, Goats, Poultry & Rabbits) – please check their website for requirements.

YQCA gives families more flexibility in gaining this required certification, by offering them two different learning methods:

If you need to do the certification, all 2021 YQCA Training options MUST be registered and paid for online at https://yqca.learngrow.io

Option A – Web-Based Online Training (60-90 minutes) – Available 24/7 which allows exhibitors flexibility to take course at their convenience; Will contain 3 modules, tailored to youth age categories (ages 8-11, 12-14, 15-18 & 19-21); Each module will conclude with a 10 question quiz, with opportunities to go back into the modules to find the correct answers or retake the quiz after 1 hour; Must register online at a cost of $12/person/year for the online training and MUST be paid online.

Option B – Test Out – Youth ages 12($36), 15($48), and 19($36) may choose the test out option. Youth must score 80% or better and you will only be charged if you pass the test. If you don’t pass, you will be instructed to take the web-based training. If you pass, you will need to retest when you reach the next age split.

Steps for Getting Your YQCA Certification: 

Click here for Step-By-Step directions with pictures.

Create An Account—Go to: https://yqca.learngrow.io

  • 4-H Exhibitors—Please sign in using the “4HOnline” option. This will save you re-entering all of your contact info.
  • FFA Exhibitors—Please sign in using the “Independent Sign In” option.

Select a Course—it is IMPORTANT to select the correct course for the youth’s age, as of Dec. 31, 2020.

Purchase a Course—Select the state, and then select Web-Based ($12).  MUST pay online for the course. Keep a copy of your receipt/confirmation.

Submitting Certificate of Completion—Once the training is complete, return to the course menu screen to download a PDF of the Certificate of Completion with the youth’s unique certificate number. Certificate numbers must be submitted as part of the Green County Fair online entry process.

For more information, print the YQCA Flyer 2021 or please contact the Extension Green County office at 608-328-9440 with any questions.

Goat Resources:

American Dairy Goat Association                                                    Wisconsin Dairy Goat Association
American Boer Goat Association                                                 International Boer Goat Association
American Meat Goat Association                                                 American Goat Society
International Kiko Goat Association                                            Goat World
Fias Co Farm

Goat Committee Officers:

Chris Swedlund, Co-Chair, 608-558-3669, email
Amanda Swedlund, Co-Chair, 608-558-3812, email
Briana Froseth, Secretary
Alicia Kubly, Financial Chair
David Mansfield
Deb Myers, 608-934-5460
Roxanne Paul, Secretary, 608-214-9061