4-H & FFA Youth will be able to access this page for items related to the Swine Project.  There is information regarding Self Identification Photo Kits for Green County Fair Swine, YQCA Training, Livestock Identification, and many great resources.  If you have any questions, contact the Extension Green County office at 608-328-9440.

2022 Rules:

If you exhibit pigs in another state and the pigs return to Wisconsin after the show, you must notify the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) of the movement before returning to Wisconsin and before exhibiting the same pigs at the Green County Fair. The WI DATCP may issue you an import permit, and upon re-entry into Wisconsin the pigs, herd of origin, or both will be quarantined until a herd plan is developed and  See the additional details and rules from DATCP about this on the Wisconsin PRRS/SECD Rules Final and Show Pig Frequently Asked Questions  handout.

Exhibitors who sell animals in any other Fair Meat Animal Auctions are not eligible to sell at the Green County Fair Meat Animal Auctions that same year. The only exception to this rule would be if their animals are sold through the Governors Auction at the WI State Fair. Youth may also participate in other Youth Fair Auctions where their animals are not sold, without losing their eligibility to participate in the Green County Fair Meat Animal Auction.

2022 Green County Fair Swine Photo ID Kits Available March 21st!  

To obtain your Swine Identification Kits, you will need to pick up information from the Extension Green County office.  There will be no cost this year for the kits and the procedures are the same as last year. All kits include your Photo ID information, RFID ear tags, and instructions for the proper procedures to use.  For more details, see the attached Requirements to Exhibit and Sell Pigs 2022 or contact Jackie McCarville, Extension Green County Agriculture Educator at 608-328-9440.

Don’t forget to also review the Livestock Auction Rules and Entry Information (coming soon) and review the SWINE Fairbook information on the Green County Fair websitePlease note, the Green County Fair Animal Show information is not final yet–we are all working to complete some details yet. Please fill out the 2022 Auction Entry Form

2022 Green County Fair – Swine Show Updates

Each exhibitor will be able to bring a maximum of 2 pigs for the live market show.  In 2022, exhibitors will be limited to bring a maximum of TWO total pigs, and can be two gilts, two barrows, or 1 gilt and 1 barrow. Market Barrows and Gilts must weigh at least 225 pounds by the fair to show and at least 235 to sell in the Green County fair livestock auction.

Again this year, the maximum weight for pigs sold in the auction will be up to 290 pounds. Pigs can be sold in the auction that are heavier than 290, but exhibitors will only be paid up to 290 pounds.

The 2022 Green County show will continue to be a terminal show with all pigs going directly to a terminal market after the fair to eliminate the possible spread of any diseases.

Barrow Carcass Class will be held this year. The final placing for overall Carcass Champion and Reserve Champion Barrows will be based on 70% scanned data and 30% live placing. The Overall Champion and Reserve Champion Carcass Barrows will be sold in the auction. Only barrows can be entered in the carcass contest.

Again In 2022: All Market Gilts will be required to be pre-identified just like barrows and Gilts will be allowed to sell in the Meat Animal Auction.

For Supreme & Reserve Supreme Champion: The Champion Market Barrow will show against the Champion Market Gilt to determine the Supreme and Reserve Supreme Champion Market Hog. The Supreme, Reserve Champion, Champion Carcass and Reserve Champion Carcass Hogs will be the 4 pigs that will be sold as champions in the auction.

All Green County fair swine exhibitors will be required to self-identify their pigs using the Swine Photo Identification procedures.  Exhibitors will be required to tag their own pigs, using the RFID tags provided in you Swine Kit. You must take one front head shot photo clearly showing the ear tag in the pigs ears and fill out the Swine Photo ID Form for each pig. There is no cost for the kits this year and exhibitors will need to pick up the paperwork needed for each animal.  Swine Photo Identification kits  will only be available from March 30th – April 16th, 2021.

Exhibitors will be required to tag their pigs using the RFID tags provided. If you have further questions, please contact Loran Klitzman at 608-751-9858.  Please keep track of your RFID ear tag numbers because you will need to enter them on your Online Fair Entries.  

Swine Photo Identification forms need to be postmarked/returned to the Extension Green County Office by April 14th to exhibit the pigs at the 2022 fair.  Forms can be mailed, emailed, or dropped off at the Extension Green County office.  It is your responsibility to verify the forms have been received by the Extension Green County office. Swine Photo Identification forms will be verified for the champion pigs along with several pigs at random at the fair this summer.  The Swine Photo Identification procedure ensures integrity and fairness for all swine exhibitors in the absence of having a weigh-in.

As a reminder: Swine Identification Forms must be postmarked/returned to the Extension Green County Office by April 14th.  

Swine exhibitors will also be required to complete swine health verification forms, known as the Swine Mandatory form for Tyson that include any medical treatments that were administered to the project animal.  New this year, Swine cannot be fed any feed that contains Ractopamine (commonly known as Paylean). Print the Ractopamine Fact Sheet for Exhibitors 2020 flyer and the Show Pig Nutrition 2020 flyer for your records. You can also visit the Wisconsin Youth Livestock Program webpage for more information.

Tyson forms must be turned in to the Extension Green County office by June 24th.  For more information about changes to the 2022 Green County Fair Swine Show and registration procedure contact Extension Green County at 608-328-9440.

Green County Opportunities

TBA, 2022  ~  Wisconsin State Fair Market Animal Identification Sampling
Exhibitors wishing to exhibit junior market barrows at the 2022 Wisconsin State Fair will need to self-identify their animals with an official RFID identification tag and submit a DNA hair sample between April ?? & May ??.   Animal identification request forms are available at www.wistatefair.com .

April 14, 2022 ~ Green County Fair Swine Identification Forms Due to Extension Green County.  All Swine ID Forms and Auction Entry Forms are due to the Extension Green County Office in order to participate in this year’s Green County Fair.


YQCA jpg

Youth for the Quality Care of Animals (YQCA) Certification

Wisconsin has replaced the MAQA program with the YQCA program, a youth education certification program on the issues of animal welfare, food safety and character education.

This certification is required of:

  • Green County Fair Animal Exhibitors (Dairy, Beef, Swine, Sheep, Goats, Poultry & Rabbits) – submit the certification number as part of the Green County Fair entry process.
  • WI State Fair Junior Animal Exhibitors (Dairy, Beef, Swine, Sheep, Goats, Poultry & Rabbits) – please see the Wisconsin State Fair website for rules on this.

For more information on YQCA, please visit our YQCA page.


Livestock Identification

The Wisconsin Livestock Identification Consortium (WLIC) is registering premises as the authorized agent for the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, the Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP).  The Wisconsin Livestock Premises Registration Act required anyone who keeps, houses, or co-mingles livestock to register their premises.  Read more about the identification process or register online at the Wisconsin Livestock Identification Consortium


Swine Resources

Swine Award Application 2019

On Farm Defense Fact Sheet Livestock

Wisconsin Pork Association                                        National Swine Registry
National Pork Board                                                  Wisconsin 4-H Swine Project
National Jr. Swine Association                                  National Pork Producers Council


Green County Pork Producers

This organization supports and sponsors youth in various pork areas through trophy and award sponsorships as well as scholarships. Contact Brad Grossen, President, at 608-214-4816 for more information.