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“Resources for Your Flooded Home

University of Missouri Extension has prepared a document that describes how to properly clean surfaces and items in your home after a flood.

Health, Families & Finances Resources

Job loss is a very difficult situation for any family or individual.  Follow the link below to access extremely useful resources that will help you plan and face these hard times head-on.  It is important to face these issues, such as spending, credit, and insurance right away!



Green County Links

2017 Green County Family Resource Guide
2015 Green County Mental Health Guide
2014-2015 Green County Services Guide- ADRC

External Links

  • MyPlate illustrates the five food groups that are the building blocks for a healthy diet using a familiar image—a place setting for a meal. Before you eat, think about what goes on your plate or in your cup or bowl.
  • UW-Extension Family Living Family Living Homepage with links to consumer publications on a variety of Home and Family subjects.
  • Green County United Prevention Professionals GUPPY