Reproduction Roadshow-A Dairy Reproduction Workshop

Monday, February 19, 2024-- RSVP by February 12th, 2024
Lafayette County Multipurpose Building, 11974 Ames Rd, Darlington, WI
10:00am Registration;  Event -10;30am-2:00pm 
This is a FREE event with lunch sponsored by: Parnell Living Science.

Featured Speakers:

  • Dr. Paul M. Fricke, Professor, Extension Specialist, Dairy Cattle Reproduction, University of Wisconsin-Madison.
  • JP Martins, DVM, PhD, Department of Medical Sciences, School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

This Reproduction Roadshow is an update on UW-Madison dairy reproduction research, covering heifer reproduction, sexed semen, the high fertility cycle, and more.

For more information, please contact Jackie McCarville, or 608-328-9440.

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