Annual Drinking Water Testing Program

An exciting opportunity to learn about the water you drink is being offered to all residents with private wells in Green County.  If you are interested in learning more about drinking water and the quality of your water, this program is an opportunity to have your well water tested at a reduced cost and learn of the results during an educational program with drinking water experts.  Groundwater specialists strongly encourage rural residents to test their water at least once every 2 years.

This program is neither mandatory nor regulatory.  It is completely voluntary.  Individual results will be kept confidential. Special bottles are required for these tests, and there is a cost for this testing.  You may choose one or more of the testing packages described below.

Options for Well Testing:

  • Homeowner Package (Includes tests for nitrate, coliform bacteria, pH, alkalinity, and hardness.) Cost =  $66.00
  • Metals Package (Tests for arsenic, lead, copper, iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium, manganese, sodium, potassium, and sulfate.)    Cost = $60.00
  • Triazine Screen (Includes tests for triazine type pesticides like atrazine)   Cost = $40.00

If you choose all three packages the cost is $161, a discount of $5.

Bottles will be available for pick-up at the following locations and times listed.  Bottles must be filled and returned on Monday, March 18, to the site where you picked up your bottles.  Tests must be paid for when the bottles are picked up.


Test Kit Pick Up — March 13, 14, 15,   8am-4 pm
Test Kit Drop Off –– March 18,  8am-4 pm

Questions— Victoria Solomon, Extension Green County, 2841-6th Street, Monroe, WI  53566
608-328-9440 or


Test Kit Pick Up — March 13th, 10am-4pm or March 16th, 8am-4pm,
Cadiz Town Hall, W8445 County Rd B, Browntown, WI  53522

Test Kit Drop Off –– March 18,  12pm-4 pm
Cadiz Town Hall, W8445 County Rd B, Browntown, WI  53522

Contact Jason Figi, 608-558-3126


Test Kit Pick Up —  March 13, 2pm – 7pm or March 14, 10am-2pm, Town Clerk’s Home, Billy Reynolds, N3288 Loop Rd, Monroe, WI

Test Kit Drop Off –– March 18, 10am-4pm, Town Clerk’s Home, Billy Reynolds, N3288 Loop Rd, Monroe, WI.

Contact--Billy Reynolds, Town Clerk, N3288 Loop Rd, Monroe, WI 53566 — Phone 608-325-5593

Results will be available the evening of May 14, 2024 during a free educational seminar.  Everyone will have the opportunity to ask questions, and individual results will be kept confidential.    If you are unable to attend this program to obtain your complete results, they will be mailed to you.

This program is possible due to a partnership between the Towns of Cadiz and Jordan and Extension Green County. It is open to all private well owners in Green County. In order to participate in this testing program, register by 4:30pm on February 29th, 2024 by contacting Victoria Solomon, Community Resource Development Educator at the Extension Green County office (608) 328-9440 or via e-mail at

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